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Some advice and mechanisms from the World Health Organization for protection from the Covid 19 virus

Some advice and mechanisms from the World Health Organization for protection from the Covid 19 virus

As you all know, we are going through a very sensitive time as we aim to keep everyone safe and follow WHO's preventive mechanisms.

We must adhere to a few tips to preserve our health.

  1- Encourage hand washing and sterilization before starting work or when returning from outside the office. Everyone should use gloves all the time while working. 2- Avoid physical contact, such as shaking hands or big gatherings. 3- Instructions for field staff: Avoid any public gatherings, outreach, or group meetings with project participants Use gloves and masks during fieldwork. Masks must be used correctly, otherwise they are not recommended. Please see the attached instructions for how to use the mask and gloves.

- If you must meet the project participants individually, please do so in an open area if possible. If not, please make sure to keep the distance between you and the project participant. The recommended distance is 1-2 meters according to the instructions of the World Health Organization and the CDC.


- Clean and wash your hand before and after each meeting

Take off the gloves and sterilize your hands before riding in the car after the fieldwork is over and replace the new gloves.
Avoid eating or drinking in the field, and using water and food in vehicles

Drivers must follow health instructions as well, and they can stay in vehicles or outdoors while the protection team meets project participants.

- Contact your supervisor immediately if you notice any suspected cases, for further instructions before taking any action or following up on interviews.

Stay positive and don't panic
- Check your health before you decide to report work. If you have any symptoms of flu, sneezing, coughing or high fever, please do not go to work and ask for day off on the phone.
For more details, please download the guide

And the main messages related to the current restrictions on movement due to the Corona virus for the displaced and employees in the official camps in the Ministry of Health and Environment