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Alliance of Iraqi Minorities

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Freedom of Religion and Belief Conference Ocober 27th

On the Internaional day of freedom of religion and belief which is held on Ocober 27th,Alliance of Iraqi minorities (AIM) arranged a Conference in coordination wih Norwagian Peoples Aid Organization which is held in Erbil DeDMAN Hotel to enhance the rights of minorities more than 200 official and nonofficial figures participated such as Ministries of Endowment,Parliamentarians religion men,cultured figures,represenatives of minorities groups,Media figures,NGO and INGO representitive.




Aim Excutive manager



In the conference each representative of minorities group presened his point of view about Kurdistan Region with minorities rights,


representitive of minorities group


at  the end of conference alist of recommendation related to the mechanisms for protecting the minorities rights in KRG has been se by the conference committe and presented to the stackholders and Media.