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(AIM) Submit its UPR report to the human rights commission in Geneva.

During theevent of the project Improving the Human Rights Situation of Minorities in Iraq, which is  funded by Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), Alliance of Iraqi minorities network (AIM) Submitted its UPR report to the human rights commission in Geneva, the report wrote by AIM’s team of experts related to human and minorities rights. On 11 November AIM team including Hussam Abdulla Ali chairman of AIM and Dr. Pascale Warda the head of HHR Organization took part in the Universal Periodic Report (UPR) sessions 34 to present the AIM’s UPR report related to minorities rights In Iraq.






مؤتمر الدوري الشامل


مؤتمر حقوق الانسان جنيف






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