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The Annual Conference of the General Assembly for Alliances



The work of the meeting began in the first session with a speech by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, followed by reading the accreditation report and voting unanimously on the legitimacy of the annual meeting of the AIM alliance and choosing three members for the Presidency and then approving the system of managing sessions for the work of the meeting, and in the second session the following annual reports were presented (Achievements, Financial, Administrative and Legal) and discuss alliance joining requests that included 10 organizations that applied to join with the Alliance General Assembly membership, as well as twenty one requests for individuals who applied for joining with the advisory body.




On the second day, the meeting followed the agenda of the meeting, as the fourth session held on presenting the main lines of the annual work plan for 2020 and evaluated and then approved it, after which a number of articles of the internal system presented for discussion were reviewed, the discussions ended with a recommendation to the next board of directors to prepare a paper that includes a draft An amendment related to the nature of the representation of delegates on the Board of Directors and the voting mechanism, and specifying the length of time for membership in the Board of Directors, after which the bylaw was approved by unanimous voting.



In the fifth session, the participants went to the meeting to hold the elections, where the need and according to the internal system required the election of half the number of members of the Board of Directors, so the organizations wishing to nominate, and after conducting the direct secret polling process, two organizations won the membership of the Board of Directors consisting of seven members, which is the allowed number Its by the council according to the bylaw.



 the discussions that took place, a clear consensus on the positive evaluation of the previous stage in the issues that the coalition addressed to establish the rights of minorities, as well as in the working partnerships and achievements it achieved with local and international organizations. Participants in the meeting also focused on the importance of the coming contexts of the coalition being a vision that takes into consideration the changes taking place in the country after the continuing crisis of protests and demonstrations and the death of a number of citizens and the injury of thousands and the escalation of the regional conflict on the Iraqi arena that requires more wisdom and a sense of responsibility It requires a continuous review of the challenges and ways to overcome them for the sake of stability and security of the country, and pay attention to providing more protection for minorities, establishing new partnerships benefiting from the experience of ongoing and past partnerships, and adopting the principle of periodic review of policies , and in conclusion, read the recommendations and the final statement.