Alliance of Iraqi Minorities

Alliance of Iraqi Minorities

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An independent, voluntary, non-profit Iraqi civil coalition that aims to promote and protect the rights of Iraqi minorities in a manner that guarantees respect for the rights and interests of all the Iraqi people.


Alliance of Iraqi Minorities Network is a non-government, non-profit, independent, public utility Network based on its humanity values in order to improve the rights of minorities by identifying and preserving their cultural and religious identity.


1-Name of thr NGO:     Alliance of Iraqi Minorities Network

2-Acronym:                      AIM

3-Contact Person: Hogar Chato –the head of the board of directors 



                              Hedi Sarkar Mamand   Chief Executive Officer



4-Address(QR,City,Country) Irqa-Kurdistan Region-Erbil Ankawa

5-Telephone Number: 00964-7507809005

7-International Partner:USIP,UNDP,NPA,UNAMI,IHRLI,Heartland Alliance,GIZ,HOLOCUAUST CENTER

8-Year of Establishment:2010

9-Registration Number:K-3173





Alliance of Iraqi Minorities established in Baghdad in November 2010 after a series of meeting and conferences. The Iraqi Minority Alliance has 25 organizations and foundations with a group of human rights activists and minorities, whom the network grants them as honorary membership of the Advisory commission.

Alliance of Iraqi Minorities has an independent non profit character that work to unify the opinion of minorities in issues of common  interest to their communities to defend them ,implement projects and activities through peaceful means and democracy.


Vision of Network:


An independent, effective and sustainable  network that promotes the rights of minorities in Iraq.



List of names of the board of directors and Employees in the Alliance


Mr. Hogar Chato, Head of the board of the directors

Bassam Salem, Deputy Director

Faiza Diab, Rapporteur of the Board of Directors


Faiza Fouad  is a member of the board of directors

Rajab ASI is a member of the board of directors

 Esraa Mohamed is a member of the board of directors

Hussein Zainal, a member of the board of directors




Executive office and workers in alliance projects


Hedi Sarkar, Executive Office Manager

Randi Salah Program Manager

Kaban Kamal Majid financial Manager

Elie Al-Issa IT- Website

Ameer Saddam, HR Officer

Shad Youssef Monitoring and Evaluation Officer



Names of the advisory body

List of AIM member organizations